Who we are?

Kala Chashma entertainment is a major production house and entertainment company situated in the hub of India’s filmcity, Andheri in Mumbai. Well recognized in the film industry for the post- production services, we now serve the pre-production and production components of the entire filmmaking process. As creativity transcends all barriers and boundaries, we also specialize in the marketing and distribution services that is paramount to any of the creative projects that gets produced. Filmmaking is an art and to make a movie critically and commercially successful the science of marketing and distribution is of utmost significance.

We provide a complete 360-degree value of the entire filmmaking process from conceptualizing and story building to strategizing, organization and execution of the shoot to the final delivery of the film till it goes on the floors. Our team is well-versed in the industry specific requirements and we work towards understanding and executing your vision with the right skills and craft. To put in particular terms, we specialize in the creation of feature films, web series and films, television commercials, digital advertisements, short films, documentaries, corporate videos, animation videos, event videos, training videos as the list continues moving forward.

Kala Chashma