Production House


Kala Chashma Entertainment, we identify itself as a progressive production house situated in the media and entertainment hub of Mumbai in Andheri specialized in the production of long and short films, web series, TV commercials, digital films, and other video production. Our major purpose is to generate material that entertains and engages people, which we do via teams of writers, producers, directors, actors, and other experts. We provide pre-production, production house components, and high-quality post-production services for the complete film-making process.

As a creative organization, we endeavor to provide the best production services that are suitable to cater to the media and entertainment industry with a vision to have a lasting global legacy.

Our objective is to create meaningful and extraordinary content for web-series, films, advertisements, television and beyond, thus to be able to deliver critically and commercially successful products covering a wide region over space and time.

A set of determined and dedicated creative professionals’ team up to create a visual experience that captivates and stays with the people for a long period of time.

We collaborate with filmmakers, agencies, brands, producers and creators right from the development stages and work devotedly till the subject is distributed and released successfully.

Teamwork supersedes individual glory and creativity is layered with experience that has helped the collaborators to trust our team at Kala Chashma Entertainment to deliver a content rich and pleasurable cinematic experience.

Our continuous perseverance towards creating advertisement films, short films and web-series has only added more flavour in the creative aspect and expanded our armour of film production and distribution with an incredible wealth of understanding and craft.

We want to give aspiring, youthful, and enthusiastic filmmakers a platform to display their work that is delivered in an effective and efficient manner.

We are adept at being an end-to-end production house with a broad network and partnership with the top OTT platforms.





Kala Chashma Entertainment has exclusive directors who are masters of their craft with decades of experience. They have an acute eye for detail and have been at the forefront of creating commercials for major brands across the globe.


This is What We Do

Kala Chashma Entertainment is there at every step of your journey as we help you bring your creation to life. With our focus and understanding in each department, we will leave no stone unturned to elevate your content to the next level.

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