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This film is about a connection. Drawing a connection over the phone between “Manav” and a retired colonel “Dhananjay” who’s facing acute Alzheimer’s. Manav working in a callcenter for ‘hello caller’ , one day dials Dhananjay’s number in Mussoorie and starts singing the caller tune of the week. Later into the conversation Manav realizes that while Dhananjay was married , he also had another woman in his life concomitantly. Nothing irks Manav more than infidelity as he has been a victim of the same subconsciously. His house is no less than a battlefield where he finds it extremely difficult to survive.Another day at call center, another number dialed and it’s Dhananjay yetagain and then the actual conversation began. Not only did Manav realize how biased his judgements were but he also understood how each human being and relationship is different. Dhananjay helped him perceive his father’s plight in a different way. Just before the climax where Manav is about to know who did Dhananjay choose out of two women in his life and whether it was a good decision or a bad one, Manav got fired from his job. To find his answer to the question he travels a long way to Mussorrie and reaches outside Dhananjay’s locked door to only hear his last poem which had the answer. The climax hit the last note with perfection where he realizes that Dhananjay had done a mistake and is guilty for life for making such decisions. He is happy that his father didn’t make the same mistake. It helps him clear the bad air between him and his father.The story is a journey of a character Manav realizing and accepting his father with the help of Dhananjay who on the other hand tries to open the door of his life which was closed for a very long time.

Rishabh Kohli, Pushkin Puri, Satish Sharma
Manvi Duggal
Manvi Duggal
Production house:
Parivartan Pictures

1- Best Film in Gangtok International film festival
2- Best Short film director in Gangtok International film festival
3- Best Film in International film Festival of Andaman & Nicobar
4- Best Short film director in International film Festival of Andaman & Nicobar
5- Best Film in Tokyo Film Awards
6- Best Film in Golden Horse International Film Festival
7- Best Short film director in Golden Horse International Film Festival
8- Best Film in Blackboard International Film Festival

Journey of a 26 year old ‘Manav’ trying to overcome his father’s infidelity by talking to a 65 year old stranger ‘Dhananjay’ over the phone.

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