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An Indian Girl

“An Indian girl” is a story based on lives of four girls who have lived in entirely different circumstances . Just the way no person is perfect , each coin has two sides ,these four have their own flair and flaws . They have their own problems and challenges . How these girls manage to face all these things and fight their challenges is the most emphasized part of this film. The film talks about women’s emancipation ,dignity , pride , welfare and self esteem . No matter how much we boast about women empowerment , Indian girls and women have not got the place that they truly deserve hitherto . This film is an attempt to touch this point . There have been already a number of films based on women empowerment and feminism but most of them have deviated from the real problems and only glorified fake feminism . This contrast is what makes this film stand out from all those feminist films . This will be the first film to show and talk about right and wrong without filters . First character is an Indian women, second one is a call girl, third one is an Introvert girl & fourth one is an extrovert girl but the most exhilarating and rousing part of the film is that ,all the four characters have been played by a single actress Mrs. Priyanka Khurana Goyal ,who has won Mrs Earth and Mrs India titles.

Priyanka Khurana Goyal. Rajvir Singh Thakur, Abhi Khurana, , Mac Lara, Mayur, Shishu Singh, Tribhuvan Mishra , Shiva talreja, Balram Atude, Yuvaan Goyal
Sourabh Lakshkar
Sourabh Lakshkar / Vijay Kabra
Production house:

An Indian Girl, Award winning short film, Mrs India Mrs Earth Priyanka khurana goyal, Priyanka khurana goyal, Sourabh Lakshkar. One Person Several Characters.

An Indian Girl is a story based on lives of four girls. How these girls win over their challenges is the main theme.

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