Short film

Trust Me

Elina Sen, aka Ela, an actress of diminishing self-life but up in the air attitude, walks into the office of Dr Sinha, a psychiatrist, for a free counselling session. Dr Sinha greets her with charm and demeanour. She is here only because of a free counselling coupon which she did not want to waste. Well, that’s what she initially thinks and makes amply clear to the counsellor. But, as the session progresses, Dr Sinha peals layers after layers of her mind and makes her aware that how much she needs his help. A confident, fearless, happy go lucky Ela, who believes that she is the master of her fate, slowly realises that she is just a doormat. Dr Sinha introduces her to the reality of her life, which she conveniently wants to ignore; from career to legit/illicit relationships to sexual orientation to all sorts of possible fears a human can possess. Ela initially resists acknowledging the truth but gradually accepts, cries and finally feels broken but light. The session seems to be a success. Ela is a basket case now. Or is it?

Prashant Narayanan, Tejaswini Kolhapure
Partha Chakraborty
Partha Chakraborty
Comedy, Drama
Production house:
Watershed Films

Best Short Film, India International Film Festival of Boston, 2021. Official Selection, Kolkata International Film Festival, 2022.

Trust Me’ is a cat and mouse game between a struggling 30-something actress and a psychiatrist hell-bent on unravelling her life.


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