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Artur Ribeiro was born in Portugal where he started his career as a writer and director. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York City and London. He has directed all formats, from shorts to TV series, TV Movies and Feature Films. His last feature film Terra Nova was shortlisted for the Portugal submission for the Oscars and won 3 Portuguese Academy Awards.


  1. Artur Ribeiro Journey 1

    Workshop at UCLA and AFI

    He moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and attended filmmaking workshops at UCLA and AFI.

  2. Artur Ribeiro Journey 3

    First feature film: Double Exile

    He wrote the screenplay for his first feature film, Double Exile, which was shot in New York, New Jersey, and the Azores Islands.

  3. Artur Ribeiro Journey 4

    Double Exile released in theatre

    His first feature film named Double Exile released in theatre.

  4. Artur Ribeiro Journey 9

    Writer-director for Portuguese television

    He started working as a writer-director for Portuguese television.

  5. Artur Ribeiro Journey 5

    Plural Entertainment Portugal

    He worked as a writer-director for Portuguese television.

  6. Artur Ribeiro Journey 6 - KALA CHASHMA ENTERTAINMENT

    International Emmy Awards

    Portuguese TV Series “telenovela Belmonte” was nominated for Best Telenovela at the “International Emmy Awards”.

  7. Terra Nova

    Feature Film Terra Nova

    He wrote and directed the feature film “Terra Nova”.

  8. Artur Journey

    First TV series shot at home

    he produced, co-wrote and directed the first TV series shot at home for the Portuguese network RTP.

  9. Artur Ribeiro Journey 8

    Won the Portuguese Academy Award

    He co-wrote a 13-episode TV series inspired by the movie which won the Portuguese Academy Award for Best TV Serie in 2021.

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