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An innocent & naive small-town girl comes to a city and this is the journey of her “source of happiness”.
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Two young men, reconciling with their respective baggage of rivalry, prepare to settle the final conflict of their lives with a game in which one of them dies.
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The Film is a struggle of an inferior to 'untag' and the stubbornness of the superior to keep the 'tag' intact. Will truth win or the tradition?
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A strong woman alleges "she was raped by her own husband."
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A 8 years old boy "Rama" first time saw his real life Ravan by the time Reading Ramayan in his class, how Ramayan's chapter's connected with his real life and how he save's his mother Satiya from Ravan is all about "Saving Sita"
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The Last Meal is a story beautifully depicting a mother-son relationship, under the light of sacrifice.
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The relationship between father and son is a special one. But with time, this relationship always hold different challenges..
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Story of a married woman who was trying to explore her independent life after marriage.
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A Shared cab, frustrated man and a beautiful lady, a memorable journey.
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An Old Man, uses a system of photographs to remember his visitors. When one of his visitors goes missing, a detective comes asking questions about the disappearance.
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